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From Redundancy to Recirculation

Category: Green recovery

Wind turbine components in a skip next to a mocked up turbine made from old parts

This image captures a before and after landscape, conveying the impact of remanufacturing and recirculation of wind turbine parts. Supporting the journey to a sustainable society, an innovative collaboration has been formed between the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory and Renewable Parts Limited. With many components finishing in landfill at the end of service life, recirculation of parts through remanufacturing is essential in creating a circular economy across the wind industry.

Entrant: Fiona Sillars , Mechanical And Aerospace Engineering

Copyright: Fiona Sillars

Funding: Scottish Institute for Remanufacturing (SIR), Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

Collaborators: Renewable Parts Ltd (RPL)


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