Alumni Alumni in history

The University of Strathclyde’s past is full of extraordinary people whose flashes of inspiration led to discoveries that continue to have an impact to this day. From the inventor of the first working television, through to the man responsible for one of the earliest applications of wind power, we have a rich and proud history of inventors and entrepreneurs.

John Logie Baird

Where would we be without our televisions? Thank goodness for John Logie Baird.

Thomas Graham

Impressing one of the world's finest scientists by the age of 14 is quite a claim to fame for Thomas Graham

James 'Paraffin' Young

A night school student of another famous alumnus, Thomas Graham, James Young was the driving force behind the creation of today's oil refinery industry.

James Blyth

One of the great pioneers of his age, James Blyth was the man responsible for one of the earliest applications of wind power.

Henry Faulds

Although he's made a significant number of contributions to mankind, Henry Faulds remains a relatively obscure name. 

James Croll

James Croll developed theories that had a major impact on the way we understand the Ice Age. His story may put you in mind of a famous Hollywood film!

Robert Thom

One of the forgotten luminaries of the Scottish Enlightenment, Strathclyde alumnus Robert Thom's work on water filtering was behind one of the major revolutions in 19th-century sanitation.

Andrew Ure

Was Strathclyde alumnus Andrew Ure the inspiration behind Frankenstein?