The University Chaplaincy

Honorary Chaplains

Honorary chaplains are leaders / senior established members of a faith community or an appropriate collective worldview e.g. Humanists. They are motivated by their faith / values to make themselves available to sit with or walk beside those who need support.

They must be willing to work with a diverse community of people of all faiths and none, acknowledging that the Honorary Chaplain’s role is about providing pastoral care rather than proselytising. Honorary Chaplains are primarily Strathclyde Chaplains, serving everyone within the university community, regardless of their religion, faith or worldview including those of no declared faith, while also being representatives of their own faith communities.

Time commitment to the Chaplaincy is variable depending upon individuals’ capacity but all volunteers, at times, help to provide pastoral care and emergency cover and participate in various Chaplaincy events.

Faith Advisors

Faith Advisors have similar duties to those of the Honorary Chaplains, with a greater emphasis on on-campus presence within the Chaplaincy Centre and around campus more generally, in order to ensure visibility and accessibility of the chaplaincy provision. Faith advisors are experienced members of a faith community / collective worldview or are alumni of a particular faith or definite worldview e.g. Humanist.

How do I get involved?

For more information, contact the University's Chaplain and Interfaith Minister, Meg Masson.