Faith, spirituality & supportMeet our Chaplains

The Chaplaincy offers:

  • Humanist, Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Earth-based faith and Interfaith Chaplains
  • open-minded and open-hearted support for all
  • welcoming space to relax, study/work, reflect/pray, or take part in wellbeing, social action or faith-focused events
  • commitment to building community and enhancing inclusion and understanding

As Chaplains we are committed to supporting all members of the Strathclyde student and staff community, whoever you are and whatever your belief or worldview.

Carolanne Allardyce

Rev. Carolanne Allardyce, Interfaith Chaplain

0141 548 4144

Carolanne's Biog

Kim Atherton-Dow

Rev. Kim Atherton-Dow, Earth-Based Faiths and LGBTQ+ Chaplain 

0141 548 4144

Kim's Biog

Jennifer Buchan

Jennifer Buchan, Humanist Chaplain

0141 548 4144

Jennifer's Biog

Morawaka Dhammarakkhitha

Rev. Morawaka Dhammarakkhitha, Buddhist Chaplain

0141 548 4144

Morawaka's Biog

Rameez Mahmood

Rameez Mahmood, Muslim Chaplain

0141 548 4144

Meg Masson

Rev. Meg Masson, University Chaplain and Interfaith Minister

0141 548 2212

Meg's Biog

Natalie Moffat

Natalie Moffat, Buddhist and LGBTQ+ Chaplain 

0141 548 4144

Natalie's Biog

Satwant Multani

Dr Satwant Multani, Sikh Chaplain

Wednesdays, 1-2pm

Hassan Rabbani

Hassan Rabbani, Muslim Chaplain 

0141 548 4144

Aparna Ramesh

Aparna Ramesh, Hindu Chaplain 

0141 548 4144

Aparna's Biog

Sreevas Sahasranamam

Dr Sreevas Sahasranamam, Hindu Chaplain

0141 548 3091

Sreevas's Biog

Rabbi Eliran and Ayalah Shabo

Rabbi Eliran and Ayalah Shabo, Jewish Chaplains

0141 548 4144

Rebekah Sims

Rev. Dr Rebekah Sims, Christian (Scottish Episcopal Church) Chaplain

Rebekah is also a Chaplain for International Student Support

Rebekah's Biog

Akilan Sivanathan

Rev. Akilan (Andrew) Sivanathan, Christian (LEAD Church) Chaplain

0141 548 4144

Brendan Slevin

Brendan Slevin o.p., Christian (Roman Catholic) Chaplain

0141 548 2728

Mon-Fri, 12-1pm

John Storrie

John Storrie, Humanist Chaplain

0141 548 4144

John's Biog

Tony Young

Tony Young, Interfaith and LGBTQ+ Chaplain

0141 548 4144

Tony's Biog