Insurance, health & safety information

Do I need to take out insurance for my study abroad?

Host University Insurance

In many cases you'll be required to take out medical insurance through your host university. This may be a condition of enrolment at your host University.  Please be aware this can be expensive so I would encourage you to read the feedback from previous Strathclyde students or ask the Exchange Team. Sometimes the host university will be willing to consider an alternative policy if it includes the same coverage.

Strathclyde's Travel Insurance

In addition, all Strathclyde students must enroll on Strathclyde’s travel insurance which is free of charge prior to going on exchange. This provides good coverage for the duration of your study period provided you are not undertaking any higher risk/non standard activities out with your studies. You should enrol on Strathclyde's policy via Pegasus. You will be reminded about this at your pre-departure.  You should be aware that Strathclyde's travel insurance only covers you for the period of your exchange. It does not cover you if you add on travel before/after your exchange or leave the country during your exchange. You would need to take out separate insurance for these periods.

Dental Treatment

Please also be aware that Strathclyde's travel insurance excludes dental treatment so we would encourage you to have a check-up before you go to reduce your risk of having to have dental treatment during your exchange which you would require to pay for.


Will I need to get vaccinations before I leave?

You may require some vaccinations and a medical depending on where you are going. The host university will inform you about this in their application or acceptance documentation. It is important that you read all the information you receive from the host University thoroughly and carefully. It may take you some time to organise a medical or vaccinations, so again start early.


Medication during your Exchange

We would also advise you to contact your GP if you are currently on medication to consider how you will continue to receive this medication during your exchange.  It may be that you will be able to organise for a larger supply of the medication to take with you, or will be able to receive it overseas from the local healthcare provider depending on where you are going.


During your exchange you will usually have access to health and safety support from your host University for the duration of your exchange and we would encourage you to access these services in the first instance as they will be on site and may be able to resolve any medical or health and safety issues faster than Strathclyde.