Study abroadSemester or Year long Exchange

Studying abroad offers an excellent personal and career development opportunity. It gives you a great opportunity to add an international dimension to your studies. It's a fantastic opportunity to see the world, make new friends and fully immerse yourself in a brand new culture.

From an academic perspective, studying abroad allows you to study your subject from a different perspective. It's also a valuable addition to your CV and a superb talking point at interviews when you come to graduate.

My exchange to Swinburne University of Technology was an amazing experience. Not only did I experience a new way of learning but I met some amazing people from all around the world. I got to experience Australia but learn about other cultures and ways of life along the way.

Academic recognition

Studying abroad is an integral part of your course/degree at Strathclyde. You'll receive full academic recognition for the classes or project you successfully complete at the host university/organisation. This will be credited towards your Strathclyde degree.

Am I eligible?

Most students will be able to study/work abroad at some stage during their degree unless there are degree regulations which prohibit it. In this case, you should consider studying or working abroad in the Easter or summer holidays.

Usually, you apply in 2nd year with a view to going abroad in your 3rd year. Typically this is for one or two semesters, or perhaps during the summer period depending on your course and the nature of your placement.

I studied the 3rd year of my Computing Science degree at the University of Victoria (UVic) in British Columbia, Canada and had by far the best year of my life.

Academic approval

At the application stage, you must obtain provisional academic approval from your department, faculty or school to study abroad. Final academic approval will usually depend upon achieving the appropriate departmental or faculty standard in the May exams preceding your exchange. For students going abroad in semester one, this means your exchange is provisional until approximately one to two months before your departure.

Each department, faculty or school sets its own academic standard for final approval, taking into account the standard at the host University and any other relevant factors. You'll also need to ensure you have identified a suitable list of classes/project at the host University which meets your home degree requirements. These conditions are in place to ensure you have the best possible chance of academic success during your exchange.

Strathclyde Business School

For students studying in Strathclyde Business School, it has its own Exchange Team Find out more about the Strathclyde Business School Exchange Team

How much will it cost?

Studying abroad currently costs around £7,000 per semester. This is an estimate and costs will vary depending on the cost of living in the host country and your own personal plans around your exchange.

Tuition fees continue to be paid for Scottish students to Strathclyde whilst you are on exchange. You do not pay tuition fees at the host university.  

Students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland should check with the Recruitment & International Office for confirmation of their tuition fee arrangements.

Some host universities will request evidence (in terms of bank statements, student loan award letters etc) of how you are going to fund yourself during your exchange as part of their initial application process. The Exchange Team can advise you on this. 

You will be required to cover all other costs relating to your exchange including visas (including the application costs), flights, medical insurance which is often mandatory through the host university, accommodation and books. Most students tend to fund these costs through their student loan or any personal savings you may have. If you usually receive any grants or scholarships, these should not be adversely affected if you decide to study abroad.

Funding opportunities

There are limited scholarships available for international study abroad. Take a look at the scholarships available.

The Alumni Fund Scholarship helped me by giving me the opportunity to travel around U.S. and explore a different culture. I was able to enjoy my experience abroad to the maximum. I was able to take part of the university’s events and represent my home university in the best possible way.

Read more about the cost of studying abroad.

Where can I study?

You can apply to three partner Universities

We have exchange partnerships with an impressive range of universities around the world.

Check our current list of university partners.

The partners are coordinated through the Recruitment and International Office. Some departments offer additional exchange options which may be of interest.

You can only apply to a university with which Strathclyde has a formal exchange agreement.

At the application stage you'll be invited to list up to six partner Universities you would be interested in attending. If your application is successful, every effort will be made to assign you a place at one of these institutions. If this is not possible the Recruitment & International Office will try to offer you a place elsewhere, but there's no guarantee. The competition for exchange is growing every year.

I travelled to Georgia Tech for the Fall semester of my third year in Mechanical Engineering. I had been concerned that five months would be too little time to get the most of the exchange but it was certainly worthwhile.