Emma Brunton

Historical Studies (MSc) graduate

Why did you decide to study Historical Studies (MSc)?

During my final year of my undergraduate degree, I realised my career goal was to carry out historical research and publish the findings. Taking on a postgraduate degree in the subject I loved was a natural progression toward this goal as I thoroughly enjoyed my undergraduate degree in History. Strathclyde was the obvious choice as I was able to maintain contact with the Scottish Oral History Centre (SOHC) and continue working with my supervisor from my undergraduate degree, with whom I had a fantastic, supportive relationship.

What did you like about the course?

Continuing the working relationship I had with my supervisor was undoubtedly the best part about remaining at Strathclyde. Under her supervision, I was able to refine my writing skills and through our discussions, while being supportive, she really pushed me intellectually.

What did you get out of the course?

One of the most exciting opportunities I had studying at Strathclyde was the guidance and support network offered by the SOHC. Here I was able to discuss theoretical debates with leading oral history scholars while being supported through practical hands-on projects which acted as a gateway to larger scale fieldwork. In most classes, my oral presentation skills were refined as I was encouraged to lead class discussions and present my dissertation work to my colleagues. These sessions also provided essential feedback which will enhance my final submission.

How did the course help you prepare for your career?

Obtaining a Masters qualification is vital to my career path. Studying at Strathclyde was an obvious choice so I could continue to work with lecturers who are internationally recognised in their field.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

My long-term goal is a research position, or potentially a career in academia. The assessment style of this Masters course best suited my style of learning, and my future career. Having continuous assessments has improved my time management and organisational skills, which are vital assets in any employment. However, managing my larger dissertation project on top of these assessments has given me the confidence to manage any future research project alongside other job requirements.