A taste of Scotland

A plentiful supply of piping hot, haggis, neeps and tatties, washed down with Irn Bru were on offer during the International Society’s Second Annual Burns Taster.

Students from around the globe including Oman, Brazil and France took part in the trip. First year George Harris piped in the haggis and delivered two further recitals.

Following this, Lelesly Mercanti (Italy) presented several slides on the popular structures in Italy before focusing on buildings in the Marce region. Of particular interest, were photographs of the Roman built water storage reservoirs under the hillside village of Fermo.

Ninos Panagiotis (Greece) then presented a view of architecture, structures and infrastructure in Greece, past, president and future. He spoke about the development of the Athens Metro and a new Cultural Centre development under construction in Athens, funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

What our students said

First of all, I have to say many thanks for giving us this opportunity of know more about the Scottish culture, so rich, full of magic and histories of battles. I came here to UK because I used to admire British culture, but now I see that Scotland is much more wonderful that I could imagine. It includes these opportunities that people give to us of knowing more about them: Scottish people are always very helpful with foreigners, and like to share experiences.

It was great to hear from you such an emotive poem, eat a good Haggis and topical meal, sharing with other international and local students our different sensations of tasting unusual meals for us. The bagpipe made feel really in Scotland ancient times and the presentations were really interesting, I could learn more about structures at the same time I learn about other cultures.
Henrique Faccenda, Brazil