Academic Professionals - Report

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Academic Professionals

As a result of a working group involving HR, Senior Officers and UCU, the concept of the Academic Professional has been developed. This creates an over-arching staffing group incorporating the staffing categories Academic, Research and Teaching. It is designed to give parity of esteem across all three of these categories, delivered through equal access to relevant academic governance issues and to give increased clarity around promotion criteria and transfer between staff categories. It will also involve changes to job title among some Research and Teaching staff to ensure consistency in a way which is similar to that within our Academic staff category.

The working group’s report is available at the link below:

Academic Professionals - Report

The recommendations contained within the report have been approved by Staff Committee (September 2009) and Court (October 2009).  Implementation will commence in early 2010.  In the meantime, any further comments on the report can be forwarded to Fergus Brown,  HR Manager (