Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences New medicines

The new medicines group uses a multidisciplinary approach to improve our understanding of fundamental bioscience and identify novel therapeutic targets with the aim of developing novel research tools and therapeutic interventions. 

New targets for new treatments

Fundamentals group

This group is led by Dr Trevor Bushell.

Our group works to increase our understanding of fundamental bioscience. The group aims to use the knowledge to determine how it contributes to normal health and wellbeing and/or is altered under pathophysiological conditions.

Determining how the body functions under both physiological and pathophysiological conditions will further enhance our understanding of disease conditions. This helps us to identify potential novel therapeutic targets that can be probed using available in vitro and in vivo techniques. 

Our research incorporates a broad range of activity including cardiovascular, immunology, microbiology and neuroscience. These all focus on the following activities in order to meet the aims of the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences, the Faculty of Science and the University as a whole:

  1. advance our fundamental understanding of complex biological processes
  2. determine practical solutions to major challenges including healthier ageing and the control of infectious diseases
  3. use fundamental bioscience for better health across the life course, reducing the need for medical and social intervention
  4. utilise fundamental discovery science in order to develop innovative preventative and therapeutic interventions in humans  
  5. develop solutions that underpin the healthcare and life sciences sectors
  6. discover and apply new technologies and approaches to replace, reduce and refine the use of animals for scientific purposes
  7. identify and apply research into environmental areas of major economic and societal importance
  8. apply the latest developments in our science and technology to health-related challenges

We perform research aimed at improving our knowledge of the fundamental mechanisms by which organisms function, from microbes to man, and how this can be applied to identifying potential novel therapeutic targets.

Our experts


Research staff

  • Morag Farqhar
  • Leena Nieminen
  • Katy McIntosh
  • Kirsty Ross
  • Gabriel Uguru
  • Gareth Westrop
  • Stuart Woods

Target validation & drug discovery

The objective of this group is to use medicinal chemistry, chemical biology and regenerative therapeutic approaches to improve treatment of significant health needs, or that focus on developing research tools that increase interrogative power of disease mechanisms and the efficiency of developing therapeutic interventions.

We're focusing on rare inflammatory diseases that can be investigated from the standpoint of multiple target pathways (for which we have expertise and assay platforms) that can be or are validated in humans. We're building chemistry and clinical capacity to tackle these orphan status diseases with the objective that we will be able to translate our optimised compounds into new medicines.

Our experts


Research staff

  • Nahoum Anthony
  • Mark Barbour
  • Kara Bell
  • Giacomo Berretta
  • Stephanie Boomkamp
  • David Breen
  • Ros Brett
  • Carol Clements
  • James Doonan
  • Jennifer Greaves
  • Chris Lawson
  • Kimon Lemonidis
  • Anthony McCluskey
  • Neil McRitchie
  • Faisa Omar
  • Manuel Sanchez Santos
  • Mairi Sandison
  • Annette Sorensen
  • Christine Salaun
  • Rothwelle Tate
  • Louise Young