Academics in partnership with prestigious Yale University

The University of Strathclyde has established a memorandum of understanding with top American institution Yale University.

Academics from Strathclyde's Centre for Health Policy and its School of Social Work & Social Policy recently visited Yale University, USA, where they've established a five-year programme of work.

The Strathclyde group were joined in their three-day visit to Yale by colleagues from Turning Point Scotland, Glasgow Drugs Crisis Centre.

The work with Yale's Programme for Recovery & Community Health (PRCH) will focus on citizenship and recovery, primarily for those experiencing mental disorder who are also likely to be experiencing substance misuse problems along with attendant offending histories.


The main focus of the visit was to sign off the memorandum of understanding between the institutions and agree on common areas of interest for research, knowledge exchange and teaching and learning.

The agreed programme will include:

  • service user & carer exchange visits
  • staff exchanges
  • US, UK & European conferences
  • joint research bids

Representatives from Yale are planning to visit Scotland in Spring and Autumn 2015 to further progress the partnership.