The University has a variety of equipment, materials and substances concerning which the UK Government has issued specific guidance.

These hazards may present risks not only to the University staff and student population, but could have an impact on the local population or environment.

Because the University is committed to managing any associated risks, it employs specialist advisers to give competent advice to ensure the risks are minimised and relevant legislation is adhered to.

Each of these areas has its own separate section and a separate library to provide a single point of reference to all the relevant information that may be required.

This section contains information relating to the safe use of all biological hazards and also includes relevant guidance on the safe use of Genetically Modified material.

This section provides advice on the safe use of all forms of chemical substances throughout the university and its outlying areas and also covers the use of the University's electronic CoSHH system.

This section contains information relating to steps takren to ensure that all University members of staff and its students are protected from the potential risk of fire.

This section contains information on the use of all Ionising radiations (Sealed / Unsealed and X-Rays) and all forms of Non-Ionising radiations, including all forms of hazardous light and electromagnetic fields.