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Dr Enrico Tubaldi


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Three-dimensional mesoscale modelling of multi-span masonry arch bridges subjected to scour
Tubaldi Enrico, Macorini Lorenzo, Izzuddin Bassam A.
Engineering Structures Vol 165, pp. 486–500, (2018)
Reliability-based optimal design of nonlinear viscous dampers for the seismic protection of structural systems
Altieri Domenico, Tubaldi Enrico, de Angelis Marco, Patelli Edoardo, Dall’Asta Andrea
Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering Vol 16, pp. 963-982, (2018)
Comparison of different models for high damping rubber bearings in seismically isolated bridges
Tubaldi E., Mitoulis S. A., Ahmadi H.
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Vol 104, pp. 329-345, (2018)
Stochastic seismic analysis and comparison of alternative external dissipative systems
Gioiella Laura, Tubaldi Enrico, Gara Fabrizio, Dezi Luigino, Dall'Asta Andrea
Shock and Vibration Vol 2018, (2018)
Biaxial shear behaviour of HDNR with Mullins effect and deformation-induced anisotropy
Ragni Laura, Tubaldi Enrico, Dall'Asta Andrea, Ahmadi Hamid, Muhr Alan
Engineering Structures Vol 154, pp. 78-92, (2018)
Influence of ground motion characteristics on the optimal single concave sliding bearing properties for base-isolated structures
Castaldo P., Tubaldi E.
Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Vol 104, pp. 346-364, (2018)

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Civil and Environmental Engineering
James Weir Building

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