University of Strathclyde and Student Union agree three-year strategic alliance

An aerial view of the Learning & teaching and Graham Hills campus buildings

The University of Strathclyde and the University of Strathclyde Students’ Association (Strath Union) have agreed a three-year strategic alliance to work more closely together to benefit the student experience.

The Alliance builds upon the current Student Partnership Agreement, and reflects the strategic elements that are common to the objectives of Strath Union and the University and the changing needs, wants and desires of an ever-evolving student body.

In delivering on the Alliance, the two Executives will agree on key objectives that will be the focus of collaboration over each academic year.

These objectives will be identified through consultation between the two Executives at the start of each academic year with an initial set of priorities set out which would determine appropriate detail, phasing, planned outcomes and co-investment, co-resourcing and co-delivery requirements.

These objectives will all be positioned in the context of creating an outstanding student experience and include:

  • Ensuring the student voice and representation is at the heart of their work
  • Empowering our Student Advice and Support services
  • Development and continuous improvement of an outstanding student experience
  • Incorporating emerging technologies into teaching and wider student experience
  • Ensuring a safe and accessible campus
  • Maintaining the University’s sector-leading graduate outcomes
  • Taking a collaborative approach towards sharing of information
  • Reflecting on and taking pride in both organisations’ practices and celebrating achievements
  • Putting sustainability at the heart of each organisation’s offering

Each objective will have annual key deliverables, and in the academic year 2022/23 will include exploring opportunities to: increase Hardship Funding to help tackle the cost-of-living crisis; undertake a housing needs and impact assessment, to ensure a housing and residences strategy that is future proof; and continuing to focus on green investment through the development of an Ethical Investment Policy.

Partnership working

The new Alliance will report directly to the University Executive and Strath Union Student Executive at least once per semester and be reviewed annually when the Student Executive changes over.

Professor Sir Jim McDonald, Principal & Vice-Chancellor of the University of Strathclyde, said: “As the University crosses the mid-point of its current Strategic Plan Vision 2025, we have the opportunity, in developing our next five year plan to 2030, to widen and deepen our partnership working with Strath Union.

Our two partner organisations share similar values and we are both committed to ensuring our students play a central role in shaping and enhancing their learning experience and the process of decision-making at Strathclyde.

Adam Morrow, President of Strath Union, said: “Through this collaboration we seek to deliver a world-class student experience, working together to deliver relevant University strategic objectives, and aspire to be recognised as the leading UK Students’ Union offering an experience only obtainable at Strathclyde.

“We want to empower the thriving and diverse community of Strathclyde students and to prepare and equip them for life at our University and beyond.”