Sport Data Analytics course launched at Strathclyde

A new Masters course in Sport Data Analytics has been launched at the University of Strathclyde.

The course has been designed to meet the growing demand in the sporting industry for professionals skilled in the analysis, interpretation and presentation of complex data.

It will equip graduates with the skills and experience required to enter a rapidly-expanding sector.

Data has been increasingly used in recent years, in team and individual sports alike, to enhance performance, strategy and training.

The programme is offered by the School of Psychological Sciences and Health. It is being led by Dr Xanne Janssen and Dr Allan Hewitt.

Dr Janssen said: "Technological advancements have increased the quantity and quality of data that is collected. Our programme aims to provide students with a strong applied understanding of quantitative and qualitative analysis, data processing and visualisation, feedback and reporting methodologies and how to collect and manipulate large, complex data sets.

“Our course offers students the opportunity to develop a comprehensive set of data analytics skills that can be applied across a diverse range of sports. These skills are transferable between both team and individual sports, and students will be exposed to various applications of these skills throughout the course.

“Practical applications include informing squad selection and player recruitment, enhancing in-game strategy and creating bespoke training programs in both individual and team sports. The skills can also be used for player recruitment and talent identification, as well as for making effective business decisions.”

Students on the course will have the chance to gain real-world experience through partnerships with a range of professional sports organisations. They will engage with guest lecturers and current professionals in the field of sports data analytics, providing valuable insights into trends and best practice.

The MSc in Sport Data Analytics is taken over 12 months full-time or 24 months part-time. The deadline for applications is August 2023.