Offshore wind farm turbines in the Mersey estuary near Liverpool.

Energy Renewable energy

Across the power utility sector, the need to achieve cost reduction for renewable technologies has never been greater.

Renewable project developers and asset owners need to manage the entire project lifecycle in innovative ways to stay competitive and ensure good returns for investors.

This needs to happen for a diverse and ageing asset base, while competition from conventional forms of generation, force operators to accelerate innovation.

Strathclyde brings together a vast array of industry knowledge and cutting edge R&D

Currently low wholesale electricity prices mean that to achieve good financial returns, utilities must extract every possible ounce of performance from their data and assets.

At Strathclyde we bring together a vast array of industry knowledge and cutting edge R&D to deliver solutions to the renewable energy sector.

Our collaborators comprise Tier 1 OEMs and utilities, all the way down to SME start-ups. Our projects range from fundamental research to helping customers commercialise and operationalise our research.

Key expertise encompasses the entire project lifecycle and includes:

  • novel device design
  • forecasting and resource assessment
  • site design optimisation
  • control systems
  • site installation optimisation
  • operational decision support
  • structural integrity, fatigue and safety
  • condition monitoring and prognostics
  • asset life extension