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Strathclyde’s supportive ecosystem is critical in nurturing innovative ideas and guiding them right through to successful commercial application. Needless to say, creating successful products and growth companies requires resource. 

Strathclyde Entrepreneurs Fund

And that’s where Strathclyde Entrepreneurs Fund helps.

It addresses the funding gap in early stage company creation. By offering assistance to innovative ventures emerging from the University community whether they are spearheaded by students, staff or recently graduated alumni.

The Fund works on the principles of venture philanthropy, with all donated capital deployed on a fully commercial basis. As companies reach a successful exit, returns are added back into the Fund, thus creating an evergreen vehicle to continue to support innovation.


Our entrepreneurs have already provided solar power to schools in Africa, delivered technology to help keep lone workers safe, empowered dyslexia sufferers to give more confident presentations and developed an environmentally responsible alternative to plastic in the food industry.

Join a growing number of donors and help us support the next generation of entrepreneurs transforming the world we live in.