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emma with beena and michael

Visiting professor from Berlin, Prof. Michael Kleinaltenkamp (June 2024)

The Stephen Young Institute along with SBS’s Department of Marketing hosted a visit from Prof. Michael Kleinaltenkamp, Emeritus Professor at Berlin Freie Universitat. Professor Michael is an expert in business-to-business market management and a frequent publisher in top journals. As well as offering one-to-one meetings with colleagues and students, Prof. Michael presented three days of sessions to a variety of audiences from across the University community. His talks included a lecture on Value-in-Use Management in Business Markets, a special MBA evening talk on Customer Success Management alongside CEO Beena Sharma, and an interactive workshop and fieldtrip to the Burrell Collection museum exploring social atmosphere curation in an experiential service context.

Julien Cayla on bike

Guest Lecture 'Social media influencers as innovation catalysts' by Julien Cayla. June 2024

A big thank you to visiting professor, Prof Julien Cayla, Associate Professor of Marketing at Nanyang Business School (Singapore), for delivering the  engaging lecture 'Farmers as youtubers: Social media influencers as innovation catalysts in emerging markets' during his visit to Strathclyde.

Staff and students got to hear about how Prof Cayla's research highlights the significance of social media influencers in fostering market innovation. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork and situated learning theory, Prof Cayla examines how farmer influencers in rural India are reshaping market dynamics by bridging information gaps and fostering a culture of experimentation and entrepreneurship. Unlike Western contexts, where influencer research has primarily focused on brand communication and community building, Prof Cayla's  study demonstrates the broader impact of influencers on market development and how this drives profound market changes.

Julien Cayla writing workshop

Julien Cayla Writing Workshop June 2024

During his recent visit to Strathclyde Buisiness School,  Prof  Julien Cayla, Associate Professor of Marketing at Nanyang Business School (Singapore) delivered a writing workshop  designed to help academic writers aiming to publish in top-tier journals, especially doctoral students, and junior faculty.

 Prof. Cayla covered tools and techniques that academic writers can focus on in trying to improve their craft. Participants brought in work-in-progress that they edited and rewrote during the workshop while keeping in mind the writing strategies and tools they learned in the workshop.

The workshop covered  behavioural, artisanal, social and emotional foundations of academic writing. The session was extremely interactive and participants shared their own relationship to academic writing and benefited from sharing thoughts and ideas with other participants.


Madhu Viswanathan visit June 2024

We enjoyed hosting Professor Madhu Viswanathan, Loyola Marymount University this week at Strathclyde Business School. Madhu led an immersive and interactive session on 'Subsistence Marketplaces and Business for Good' to staff and students from University of Strathclyde. He brought the 'bottom-up approach' to life my giving real world examples from his global fieldwork in subsistence marketplaces over the last few decades followed by an engaging workshop where participants were invited to use this approach to solve practical challenges.

cop28 600x300

What Happened at COP28?

An event held for Strathclyde staff and student community to hear from four Strathclylders about their  key take aways and reflections from attending the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference in UAE. The event was Chaired by Prof Emma Macdonald. A follow up event looking ahead to COP29 Azerbaijan also took place in April 2024 

Speakers:Professor Francesco Sindico, Professor of International Environmental Law 

Dr Scott Strachan, Principal Teaching Fellow within EEE and  ESD lead 

Dr Liliana Fonseca, Research Associate in the European Policies Research Centre

Professor Emma Macdonald, Charles Huang Chair in International Business, Stephen Young Institute Director

Jan 2024

Burrell Collection

Recent Visitor to the Institute- Prof Michael Kleinaltenkamp

June has been a busy month for the Stephen Young Institute with several visitors, events and a field trip to Glasgow's Burrell Collection Museum!


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