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Undergraduate admissions - unsuccessful applications

Every year, Strathclyde Business School receives more applications than there are places for, and are unable to offer every applicant a place to study within the Business School.

Once we receive your application, we evaluate the application holistically and consider applications fairly on the basis of standard entry requirements (which are detailed on the web site and in the prospectus). If after evaluating your application we believe that you do not meet our entry standard, or if we feel that you would be unable to cope successfully with the demands of a degree programme, we will return an unsuccessful decision to UCAS along with a short statement as to why your application was not successful.

An expanded explanation of the most common reasons why applications are unsuccessful are given below.

Limited Availability

After careful consideration, we regret to advise that your application has been unsuccessful due to the limited availability of places

Inadequate/inappropriate qualifications

You have listed your qualifications on the UCAS application but they do not fulfil our entry standard and you do not indicate that you are taking any further qualifications.


You are currently taking qualifications but either you're not taking sufficient exams or your predicted grades are very low.

Your mathematics is below our entry requirement

Intermediate 2 Maths at B or National 5 Maths at B is a necessary requirement for entry to our BA programmes and from your application, it appears you do not fulfil this requirement.

A pass in Higher English is required for entry

A pass in Higher English at Grade B is a necessary requirement for entry. You did not pass in S5 and are not taking the exam in S6.

A Higher pass in a language is required

For entry to our degree course in International Business & Modern Languages, a Higher pass at B in the language is a necessary requirement.

Did not attend interview/respond to correspondence

We contacted you either for further information and you did not respond.


We contacted you to invite you to an interview. You did not attend and did not advise us of any reason.

You did not provide an academic reference

Your academic reference was missing and this is a necessary part of your application. It is your responsibility to provide this.

Your qualifications are out of date

We require evidence of recent study so you'll have to update your qualifications.

It's your responsibility to ensure the UCAS application provides a complete picture of your skills and abilities. This is particularly important as one reason that your application may fail is that you did not supply us with sufficient information for a judgement to be made regarding your suitability for the programme. For example, you must give full details of your previous education including any courses that you started but did not complete. You also need to provide details of any courses that you are currently studying and include a Personal Statement and Academic Reference.

Undergraduate Office

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Please note:

  • missing the required grades for entry is not a sufficient reason on its own to challenge our decision regarding your application
  • due to data protection, the University is unable to comment on any other applications and can only deal with your own application in any correspondence. Comparison with another application is, therefore, not possible or permissible

We'll try to reply to all correspondence within 14 working days of receipt.

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