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Exchange forms a compulsory and integral part of the IBML and MIBML degrees. Undertaking a period of exchange can provide students with many personal and professional benefits, for example:

  • provides an international dimension to the student’s degree and experience of studying at a respected business school abroad
  • provides new perspectives on international business and a unique discussion point during interviews and increases employability
  • provides an opportunity to develop language skills to a high level
  • allows students to make new friends from across the world and aids understanding of different cultures
  • increases self-confidence, resourcefulness and cultural awareness

MIBML and IBML Students undertake a full academic year abroad during their fourth year. They are able to undertake either a study placement at an approved exchange partner of the University, or an approved work placement. Students will study or work in the language they are studying.

Cost of Exchange/Funding Opportunities

Typically the cost of one semester abroad could be £6-8000, depending on the destination. Tuition fees are not paid to the exchange institution but continue to be paid to Strathclyde University in the usual way, however students are responsible for their own travel and living expenses ie flights, insurance, visa application, accommodation, food, textbooks etc. You will be able to apply for a student loan as usual but you must let the award agency (eg SAAS) know that you will be on a compulsory exchange.

Students with an exchange place in Europe are eligible for Erasmus funding and full details of this process will be provided by the University.

Students with an exchange place outside Europe are eligible to apply to the Neil Hood Memorial Fund for a scholarship. Full details of the application process are provided to all eligible students. Other scholarship opportunities may be available through the Alumni & Development department.

Exchange Destinations

Strathclyde Business School has IBML approved exchange agreements with partners in Europe (France, Spain and Italy), in South America (Chile and Peru), and in French speaking parts of Canada. A current partner list can be found here. Exchange destinations are reviewed regularly and may change on an annual basis, and the number of places available at each institution will vary year to year.

During application, students are able to indicate their preferred exchange destinations, but the final allocation will be to a partner which is suited to their particular business subject. Advice will be provided on which exchange partners are suited to each business subject during the information sessions and application process.

Language of Instruction on Exchange

Students follow an approved curriculum taught in their principal language (French, Spanish or Italian). MIBML students will study entirely in the language; IBML students will study the majority of classes in the language with a proportion of credits permitted in English.

Programme on Exchange

Students will undertake either a study or work placement:

Study placements:

  • MIBML students will study a programme equivalent to 120 Strathclyde credits and will include a broad curriculum of business classes with a particular focus on your principal business subject. Where possible, the curriculum will also include some language classes. All classes are studied at Level 4/Masters 1 in the student's chosen language.
  • IBML students will study a programme equivalent to 80 Strathclyde credits and will include a broad curriculum of business classes. Where possible, the curriculum will also include language classes. Classes are studied mainly at Level 3, primarily in the student’s chosen language but with the option to take some classes in English.

Work placements:

MIBML students are permitted to undertake a full academic year work placement. IBML students are permitted to undertake either a full academic year work placement, or a combined programme including one semester of study and one semester of work placement. Work placement assessments will reflect the same number of credits as for a study placement.

Work placements must be arranged by the student and a proposal approved by the Director of IBML Programmes at Strathclyde Business School before accepting a placement offer. You must be working in your chosen language (ie not in English), and the job content must be related to your principal business subject.


Student accommodation may be available at the exchange institution but is rarely guaranteed, and many students choose to live off-campus as living and interacting with local people is a key way to develop language skills. Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodation while abroad, either through their exchange institution or independently.

Academic Criteria for Exchange

In order for students to be permitted to go on exchange they must meet the following criteria:

Masters pathway (MIBML): Students must pass all SBS subjects at the first attempt with no fails or compensated passes, and achieve a weighted average of 60% across all 2nd and 3rd year classes, prior to going on exchange.

Honours pathway (BA Hons IBML): Students must pass all SBS subjects prior to going on exchange.

In addition to the above, students must satisfy the appropriate Masters/Honours entry requirements for their principal business subject prior to going on exchange, as indicated by their academic department. Students will also require formal approval from the Board of Examiners that they are permitted to proceed to exchange.

Information Sessions

The SBS Exchange Team coordinates exchange abroad for all students in the Business School and runs information sessions at various points in the academic calendar. In 1st and 2nd year, IBML/MIBML students attend an information session introducing them to the exchange requirements for their degree and offering guidance on what they can expect during the application process in 3rd year and on exchange in 4th year. Attendance is mandatory.

In 3rd year, IBML/MIBML students attend a series of information sessions during semester 1. The primary session aims to explain the exchange application process students will undertake including how and when to apply, exchange destinations compatible with particular business subjects, and the approximate timeline for the exchange process from application through to departure. Attendance at this session is mandatory. Additional sessions offer students the opportunity to meet incoming students currently studying at SBS on exchange, and also our own SBS students who have returned from exchange abroad. This allows them to gain useful advice on specific institutions before making their choice of destination.

Information sessions are supplemented with 1:1 advisory meetings with the SBS Exchange Team throughout the exchange process.

How to Apply

Students must apply for their exchange place. Applications are submitted online during the month following the faculty’s Information Sessions. Full instruction on the application process is provided during Information Sessions.

Allocation of Places

Places are allocated according to the student’s academic performance, principal business subject, principal language and preferences noted in the application.

Exchange Application Timeline (approximate)

  • Information Sessions (3) – Oct/Nov
  • Online application process – Nov/Dec
  • Review of semester 1 academic performance – Jan
  • Review of applications and allocation of provisional places – Feb/Mar
  • Confirmation of final allocation to students – Mar
  • Nomination to exchange institution – Mar onwards (according to exchange partner’s deadlines)
  • Student application to exchange institution including accommodation application (if appropriate) and preliminary class selection – Mar onwards (according to exchange partner’s deadlines)
  • Official “Offer/Welcome” letter from exchange partner confirming details of exchange – timings vary according to the partner
  • Pre-departure meeting – Apr/May
  • Review of 2nd and 3rd year academic performance – Jun
  • Board of Examiners approval to proceed to Exchange – Jun
  • Final class selection and curriculum approval (Learning Agreement/Curriculum Approval Form) – prior to or at the beginning of exchange, according to the exchange partner's timeline


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