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Young Enterprise Scotland (YES) is a registered charity and has been working to support young people in Scotland for over 40 years. YES run a variety of enterprise and entrepreneurship programmes for young people aged 5 to 30 in primary and secondary schools, FE colleges, universities, prisons, secure and residential units and with community groups.

Strathclyde Business School are delighted to support the YES Company Programme, the ultimate business experience for S5 and S6 pupils where the young people set up and run their own company and develop a wide range of skills throughout this year long entrepreneurial experience. All company programme pupils can sit the YES Exam which is offered in partnership with the University of Strathclyde Business School and the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship. This is a reflective exam where the young people share their experiences of running their business.

The examination

  • provides an indication of commitment
  • is a measure of practical business experience
  • is evidence of ability to learn from experience
  • provides an important feature for any application form or CV
  • is a valuable talking point at interviews

The examination is conducted by Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde. It has managed, set and marked the examination since 1993 to the same quality control standards it applies to its degree, diploma and certificate courses. The Business School is a major innovator in, and committed to all stages of, education in business management.

The examination assesses the student's competence in work experience, and the questions are related to the business excellence model:

  • Leadership
  • Planning & Development
  • People & Financial Management
  • Business Processes
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • People Satisfaction
  • Impact on Society
  • Business Results

Answers should reflect students' experience in their own Young Enterprise company. A copy of the most recent examination paper is also available on this web site. We would also encourage students to explore using Mind Mapping software to complete the exam.


The examination will be taken during a two week period (2020 dates: Monday 10th February to 21st Friday) and all students in a company must sit it at the same time. It is taken at the place of a normal company meeting or be taken in school.

Eligible candidates

The examination is exclusively for current members of registered Young Enterprise Scotland companies eligible for an Achiever Certificate (over 1100 candidates from schools throughout Scotland sat the examination in 2018). All current members of registered Young Enterprise Scotland companies are automatically enrolled for the examination.


The one and a half hour examination enables candidates to rationalise the issues they have experienced within their own company.

The questions require answers based on candidates' experience in their own Young Enterprise company rather than upon theoretical knowledge. It is, therefore, unnecessary to study and revise for it in order to succeed. This approach provides those who are not usually good at traditional examinations with an opportunity to show what they can do.

Candidates should answer each question as a whole, not just replying on the prompts provided, and give clear examples in evidence, not just making unsupported assertions.

Candidates are required to answer two compulsory general questions, and any two selected from six other questions which cover the whole range of business aspects. All questions carry equal marks. Students may choose to answer either in a short paragraph in sentences or as a list of the key points they wish to communicate. Both styles carry equal assessment in the marking process.


Candidates may pass or gain a credit or distinction. Those who do not demonstrate sufficient understanding of business are ungraded and receive no certificate.


The fee is only £7 per candidate, since the Strathclyde Business School are sponsoring the examination and only charging part of the cost. Some Area Boards may be paying all or part of the fee. You should decide whether each student should pay the balance or whether your company, provided it is sufficiently profitable, should pay any fees. You may alternatively find some organisation willing to sponsor the fees.


The link teacher or business adviser (as determined by the Area Board) will be sent an examination pack before the exam date - the pack includes the exam paper, return sheets and invigilator instructions.

Possible action required

  • check that the list of students on your company registration is still up to date
  • set up reflective group discussions before the examination to encourage more thoughful answers. A meeting for a discussion of the paper a week or so after taking it would encourage further learning
  • look out for email correspondence from Strathclyde Business School, confirming the exam arrangements in mid to late January

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