MSc Advanced Chemical EngineeringAman Joshi

Aman first joined Strathclyde from one of our partner university’s in India to study on our BEng in Chemical Engineering. After enjoying it so much, he decided to continue studying with us on the postgraduate degree, MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering. Here he tells us about his experience so far...

How did you first hear about the University of Strathclyde?

The first time I heard about the University was when I was studying my undergraduate degree in India. I found out that Strathclyde was one of the universities with a partnership agreement in place with my undergraduate University, Manipal University. This led me to further research Strathclyde, and I ended up taking a midway transfer from India and completed my undergraduate studies here in Glasgow.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

I have always been attracted to the UK for its culture and with it being one of the educational hubs in the world. Also, compared to other Engineering disciplines, the number of universities with prominent chemical engineering courses and lab facilities has always been much smaller. Strathclyde, for me, ticked both the criteria, of having the course I wanted and the facilities. And although I am an Indian, I was brought up in Saudi Arabia, so proximity to my family also played a crucial role in the decision making of where to study.

What was it like joining the BEng Chemical Engineering from another University?

Since I was joining the undergraduate programme at Strathclyde halfway through the degree, my family and I were initially a bit worried about the whole situation. At some point, I even believed that the new changes would be impossible to manage, but thankfully I was wrong about it. Once I reached Glasgow, things were smoother than I expected. A big reason for this was due to the support I received from the staff and faculty, their support was really essential to me having a positive journey.

What were your reasons for deciding to continue your studies at Strathclyde with a postgraduate degree?

It might sound elementary, but I felt my previous experience with Strathclyde was perfect (except of course for the Covid-19 pandemic happening!), and I just wanted to continue that. Moreover, I always wanted to study a more advanced degree in chemical engineering, and Strathclyde just felt like the home I was not ready to leave.

What has been your favourite thing about studying at Strathclyde?  

Chemical engineering is not the most straightforward course for studying, but here at Strathclyde, it was pretty delightful. For me, the labs have been the most exciting part of my studies here. I also think the Chemical Engineering courses are exceptional at Strathclyde because of the staff involved here and their high level of teaching and constant support.

What do you think of Glasgow/Scotland?

Studying in Glasgow has been an amazing experience for me. Even though I have been here a while now, I still haven’t explored the entire city; there is always something more to find in Glasgow. In addition, the people here have been especially helpful and welcoming.

Were there any funding opportunities available to you and if so how did they help?

Yes, Strathclyde was a partner university with my undergraduate university in India, so for my undergraduate studies I received a scholarship that helped with my tuition fees. Similarly, I was also given access to a scholarship for my postgraduate studies from the Faculty of Engineering worth 15% of my tuition fees. So over four years, this funding has supported me a lot financially.

What are your ambitions for the future, and how do you think your time at Strathclyde will help you achieve your goals?

Currently, I am planning to pursue further research and take up a professional job later down the line. But either way, Strathclyde has provided a base that is flexible enough to support both of my endeavours.

Would you recommend Strathclyde to other people and why?

I have already started recommending Strathclyde to a few of my friends, and previous juniors from India who have now started their own Strathclyde journey. I would definitely recommend Strathclyde to anyone looking to study here, it is an excellent platform for international students. I hope that Strathclyde continues to welcome more international students, so more and more students are able to experience the amazing facilities and further their careers.