MSc Finance & ManagementShayan Anwar

Shayan completed his Bachelor’s degree at Lahore School of Economics before working in the banking industry for some years. He is studying our MSc in Finance & Management. Here, Shayan tells us about his experience at Strathclyde...

Finding the right degree & university

Before joining the MSc Finance & Management, I completed my Bachelor’s degree from Lahore School of Economics with double majors in Finance & Marketing. I started working as Assistant Product Manager where I was part of a renowned bank for over two years. Having completed my Bachelor’s and first professional assignment in Pakistan, I wanted to increase my knowledge and skills on a much more diverse and global scale. Therefore, I decided to continue my education abroad.

Having completed my Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Marketing on the Dean’s Honour List and then being part of the financial services industry, it was clear that the fields I wanted to explore were finance and management. A relevant postgraduate degree would give me an opportunity to explore both avenues. The next step in the process was to shortlist universities that offer the relevant course, are highly ranking, and offer good opportunities after graduation. The reason I chose the UK was familiarity with the education system, having completed O Levels and A Levels from the University of Cambridge. Moreover, the prospect of completing a Masters in one year also played an important role in the decision. Researching for universities, the University of Strathclyde stood out amongst other universities because of its triple accredited Business School. A high ranking in the relevant subject area further made it easy for me to move ahead with the decision.

The course, the team, & the experience of hybrid learning

I joined Strathclyde at a time when there was some uncertainty regarding the pandemic. While borders were opening, I did not know what I was walking into. There was a fear of being in a completely new city, and uncertainty in terms of what to expect since it was the first time I was going to explore online lectures and workshops. However, all credit to the University management and faculty members who were not only accommodating but also helpful throughout the journey of managing courses and exams online. Although there was an element of physical learning in place every week, it was a one-of-a-kind experience for me.

There were a number of classes that helped me develop my skills and expertise, such as Professional Management Practice which helps you highlight and strengthen your talents and works to improve your weaknesses. This made me realise the standard and quality of education provided by the university was exactly what I was looking for to develop professionally and personally. It’s important to mention the quality of the teaching faculty. The likes of Dr. Kathryn Thory and others have years of experience. They help you develop, and you learn so much from them. Moreover, modules such as Managing Digital Technology helped me develop knowledge about different technologies and how to manage them. All these and other classes are some of the best that I have studied and have contributed to as part of my professional and academic development.

Student life & the city of Glasgow

The University of Strathclyde is located in the heart of Glasgow, making student life rather exuberant. Glasgow is a city with so much embedded culture and social diversity that it makes it easier for you to make new friends and talk to people from various backgrounds.

My advice to all the prospective students looking forward to pursuing their education is not to rush into choosing a university, but to give proper time to deciding which university and city you want to spend the next year of your life in. It is also important to take part in extra-curricular activities alongside your studies because you will make memories to cherish for years to come. The University of Strathclyde and Glasgow are great places to come and study. I would highly recommend you pursue MSc Finance & Management if you want to explore different avenues in the financial and managerial world. As we always say, ‘People Make Glasgow’ and indeed it becomes home.