Information Management (MSc)Jianhong Yao

What were your reasons for taking on a postgraduate degree?

The main reason I decided to study a Masters degree was to increase my employment opportunities.

How did you make the decision to study at Strathclyde? 

I chose to study at Strathclyde because the University is located in the heart of Glasgow, and also because the course content was most suited to my learning expectations.

What do you like about your course and Strathclyde?

My favourite part of the course was the business analysis module taught by Dr Martin Halvey. I learnt a lot of business analysis methods and was able to use the knowledge I gained in my final dissertation project. In terms of Strathclyde, I like the Strathclyde Sport Centre because the equipment is good, and the staff are friendly.

What are your ambitions for the future and how do you think your time at Strathclyde will help you achieve your goals?

Through my studies at Strathclyde, I was able to acquire the basic knowledge required to become a Data Analyst, including SQL, python, machine learning and deep learning, business analytics and project management methods. During the machine learning module, I participated in real life projects on the Kaggle platform, which increased my confidence about becoming a Data Analyst in the future.

How have you found your time living in Glasgow and what's your favourite thing about the city?

The year I spent studying in Scotland was one of the happiest of my life. The nature and the people were lovely, and it was very convenient to live in Glasgow.

Has anything surprised you about living/studying here?

As it was my first time studying abroad, I was faced with many things for the first time. The most surprising thing to me was how friendly and supportive the project supervisors were, they helped me to solve all the problems I encountered during my time in Scotland, whether it was studying or living.

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to study in Glasgow at Strathclyde?

The course tutors often recommend jobs to us, Strathclyde is a great place to study for those who want to improve their future career path.

Jianhong Yao