International Management (MSc) Salman Masood

Finding the right degree & university

Before joining the MSc International Management course, I finished my Bachelor’s degree from the Lahore School of Economics with Double Majors in Economics and Business Management. Having completed all my studying in Pakistan, it was my absolute desire to further pursue my education abroad.

Students walking past exterior of Strathclyde Business School on Cathedral Street

By the end of the Bachelor’s degree, I realised my infatuation towards business and management studies. Hence, the next logical step was to look for a renowned and well ranked university with the subject. When deciding on a country, the UK stood out for a few notable reasons. The major reason for choosing the UK was familiarity of the education system, having earlier completed O & A-levels with certifications from the University of Cambridge. The UK felt like an obvious choice, alongside the prospect of completing a Master’s degree in one year, made the decision easy. From that point onwards, when I was researching, the University of Strathclyde stood out. Strathclyde Business School with its triple accreditation and high ranking in the subject further paved the way for the ease of choice.

The course, the team, & the experience of virtual learning

a woman sits at a computer talking to colleagues on video chat

The decision to the come to the UK in the middle of a pandemic certainly felt fearsome. There was an obvious scepticism about what the experience will be like in terms of the lectures and quality of the course. The hesitancy started to fade with the start of the first major class, Professional Management Practice. Being introduced to strength-based approaches and going through the Clifton Strength Test was a game changer. I felt like my whole approach changed. This was the first of many occasions when I realised the learning opportunity available. It was at this point the Programme Representative elections came up, and I realised I should put my focus on my executing, influencing and relation building strengths to good use. Looking back now, I am glad I made that decision.

Here, I would like to give a special mention to three individuals who have contributed greatly towards making this learning experience to its finest. The three individuals are Dr Dilshod Makhmadshoev, Dr Kathryn Thory and Susan Jackson. The experience would never have been this good if not for them. Dr Dilshod’s Managing Across Culture and Global Business Environment classes were amongst the most popular with the students due the sheer learning and overall experience of the class. Dr Kathryn is amongst the most understanding individuals I have ever come across in my life. And lastly, Susan Jackson, the programme administrator, is such an efficient individual and makes our life as students so much easier, solving any queries in no time.

Student life & the city of Glasgow

Tollbooth Steeple at Glasgow Cross

The University of Strathclyde lies in the heart of Glasgow, making student life rather lively. Glasgow is a city with rich cultural and social diversity, providing a great opportunity to interact with the people from all walks of life.

My advice to prospective students would be to take good time when choosing a course and always add some extracurricular experience beyond just studying. The University of Strathclyde is a great place, and I would highly recommend students to opt for the MSc International Management course for its diverse learning opportunities. Trust me, Glasgow becomes ‘home’ rather quickly.