MSc International MarketingComilina Bajracharya

After completing my undergraduate degree in Nepal, I took a four-year gap before enrolling myself in the MSc International Marketing. During my gap years, I got the opportunity to work in different marketing roles where I was able to see my growth, both professionally and personally. Meanwhile, I also realised that I was passionate about marketing, especially the idea of storytelling. As I came across different innovative marketing campaigns by big brands, the urge to learn grew inside me and that’s when I decided to pursue my further studies abroad.

One of my senior colleagues from Nepal was a student at Strathclyde back in 2019. He introduced me to different courses available in the University and recommended I visit one of the virtual open days. I attended the session, came to know about provisions of scholarships for international students, along with other student support facilities such as career support and mental well-being support. I was impressed by the University’s dedication towards students’ professional and personal development.

I evaluated available courses offered by the University’s Department of Marketing and chose the MSc International Marketing as I was keen on learning about a lot of international aspects which I wanted to implement when I returned to Nepal. With the University’s exceptional ranking and triple-accredited Business School, I felt confident I would pursue my postgraduate degree at Strathclyde.

Although the classes started off virtually, I was fortunate to attend in-person classes by October, as the post-pandemic situation slowly eased up. The learning environment was a bit challenging for me when I started because of the difference in teaching culture. However, by participating in additional classes such as ‘Postgraduate Writing’, facilitated by the University, I was able to adapt quickly and build the required foundations to excel in my studies. To describe my experience in classes throughout the first and second semester: it was enlightening, engaging and interactive as the lectures covered a broad range of concepts, with guest lectures by industry experts providing us with practical knowledge.

Students studying in the business school

Personally, I enjoyed all of my classes but there are two which were my favourites. Firstly, Cross-Cultural Buyer Behaviour and secondly, Integrated Marketing Communication. The topics discussed in Cross-Cultural Buyer Behaviour made the students think outside of the box and analyse them critically. The lecturer encouraged us to discuss practical examples, which was helpful in understanding the concepts. These sessions improved my communication, research, and analytical skills as we had to work in groups every week as well as during the class for a certain time. Similarly, in the Integrated Marketing Communication class, in order to better understand the theoretical concepts, the lecturer shared real-life examples executed by big brands which were discussed in depth. Additionally, through the guest lecture sessions, we were made aware of industry trends. The learnings gained from throughout the academic year and previous work experience have helped me identify gaps in the marketing field in Nepalese market which can be immensely useful for helping small businesses grow.

The course comprises two industry related group projects in the first semester and one in the second semester, which are good opportunities to learn skills such as teamwork, research, time management, communication, and analytical thinking. I would encourage prospective students to identify their own strengths and weaknesses as well as their team members’ so that the project workload is equally divided to produce best results.

As an international student at Strathclyde in Glasgow every day is like a new adventure because you explore new things about yourself and the city. For instance, when I first moved here, I had trouble finding accommodation and, on my way, one of the students at the University helped me out. I got to meet people from all around the world and learn about their culture. By the end of the academic year, I even found friends for life. I enjoyed taking walks around Glasgow Green and the city with my friends when we needed break in between assignments. Eventually, it felt like a home away from home.

The McLennan Arch at the entrance to Glasgow Greem, with cherry blossom trees in bloom

For all the students joining the university in the upcoming session, one advice that I would like to give is to keep an open mind and embrace the change. At the end of the year you will see a huge change in yourself and realise your potential. Having said that, there might be times when you feel like it’s difficult to move forward. In such scenarios I would suggest you reach out to the University’s mental well-being support because it is really useful.

All the best for your upcoming journey everyone!