MSc International MarketingDavid Markgraf

Before I moved to Glasgow to do my Master’s programme at the University of Strathclyde, I studied in my hometown at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. In my first marketing class there, I instantly realised that this is the field in which I want to start my professional career. This is why I further pursued internships in marketing and product management at McDonald’s Austria and the Daimler AG in Germany. Having affirmed my passion for marketing through these work experiences, I knew I wanted to get a master’s degree in this field.

I chose the programme International Marketing at the University of Strathclyde because I knew it would provide the next puzzle piece for a successful career in marketing. An excellent reputation, an internationally diverse environment, a range of very appealing electives, such as International Culture & Heritage Marketing and Contemporary Consumers, as well as being in a city, which is so rich in history and culture, simply provided a perfect environment for me to further develop personally and academically.

Having completed my degree at Strathclyde, I could not be happier with my overall experience.

The classes were very interactive and informative, the lecturers always helpful. My academic highlight during this year was definitely the Marketing Works group consultancy project, which allowed us to advise a company with recommendations on a marketing problem.

Even though the year was stressful and demanding, every step of the way was fun due to my fellow students, who became friends for life. It was amazing getting to know so many people from such diverse cultures and creating hundreds of beautiful memories together. The best part is that we are still in constant contact and are currently planning our reunion.

Furthermore, the city of Glasgow had a major impact on my experience as well. People are so welcoming that you immediately feel like home. The city is vibrant, diverse and offers a rich variety of cafes, pubs and clubs – a great place to study and to have fun!

Lastly, I have just one advice for prospective students at Strathclyde: Make the most of the year and enjoy every second of it because it will be over way too fast.