MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering Aidan O'Riordan

What were your reasons for deciding to study your course?

I was originally interested, and successful, in physics and maths at school. I have always had a systematic and literal way of thinking, which steered me towards engineering at university. I decided on electrical engineering as the job prospects were good, there is a high standard of teaching in the UK and Scotland, and because I am keen in the future to have a career in the area of power generation and renewables.

Why did you choose to study at Strathclyde?

For me, it was a choice between Strathclyde, Glasgow University and Edinburgh University. I was immediately attracted to how central the Strathclyde campus is in Glasgow, and I was also impressed by the strong industrial and research links Strathclyde has, and the high rate of employment for graduates.

What do you like about your course?

The structure of my course allows for flexibility in later years, with a choice of electives to tailor your degree towards either electrical, electronic, or a mix of both depending on what you prefer.

I like the practical side of the course, as a lot of the projects in second and third year are used to apply the knowledge you’ve gained throughout your studies.

Have you had any placements or internships during your studies?

I’ve managed to gain two internship positions during my summer breaks, and I’ve found them extremely useful to gain experience before going into the next year of my studies. I worked for PD&MS in Aberdeen and also for Frazer-Nash Consultancy in Glasgow. I was fortunate to gain internship positions in the electrical design departments for both companies, which has allowed me to use what I have learned during my studies in a practical way. Having my internship experiences has helped me a lot with my studies, as when some of the more difficult topics come up in classes, I have been able to understand them better as I have experienced them in practice in an industry setting.

I would highly recommend applying to as many companies as you can, and get references from your lecturers or your personal development advisor, who will be assigned to you by the university when you join. 

Have you used many of the facilities that Strathclyde has on offer to students?

I have used a lot of the teaching buildings throughout my four years here and most are of a high quality. There’s often little rooms or study nooks available in the different buildings to go and study or relax in between classes as well. There are also lots of nice places on campus to grab lunch or take a break from your work.

I’ve been using the Strathclyde Sport gym and facilities since I started university, and I would highly recommend them. There is also a swimming pool and sauna available for students to use, which are never that busy. The new Strathclyde Student Union in the new Learning and Teaching Building is great to go for a game of pool as well.

Would you recommend Strathclyde to other people and why?

I would recommend Strathclyde, as it’s a high-quality university with a good standard of teaching. There are plenty of options for activities to get involved in, as well as a good mental health and well-being support system set up by the university. I think other universities in Scotland would have made me just as well skilled, but I don’t think they would have made me as confident as I am today.

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