Mathematics with Teaching (BSc)Holly Lafferty

I am 21 years old and live in Paisley. I have just finished my third year of Mathematics with Teaching and look forward to starting the teaching section after summer. I used to be a dance teacher during the last couple of years at high school which sparked my love for teaching.

I decided to study Mathematics with Teaching because during my higher maths I found that I gained a good grasp of it and began really enjoying it. After discussing with my guidance teacher what I should apply to uni for, we both agreed that I could consider becoming a maths teacher. I had experience with teaching and have a lot of patience so it seemed very fitting. I feel like I’ve definitely made the right choice as I am so sure that’s what I want to do now.

"I knew Strathclyde was the uni for me." I chose Strathclyde because I knew I would fit in great. I had unconditional offers for each of my choices but I knew Strathclyde was the uni for me, as it had great social aspects as well as being a great uni for sciences. I am so glad I did choose Strathclyde because I’ve made friends for life and really enjoyed my course so far.

I think Strathclyde is great. It’s so central, which made it really easy for me travelling in each day. Most of the lecturers I’ve had have all been great and eager to help, offering extra support and guidance where needed. The examinations process has been well planned and we’ve usually been given plenty of notice of exam dates

Certain classes we have completed have been so interesting and the lecturers made it really enjoyable. I loved the statistics sections the most, which seem to have more real-life applications. I also loved the 203 class as my lecturer for the first half was amazing and she really made it so enjoyable, despite being a very difficult class. I look forward to starting the teaching section and beginning placements.

I’ve made the best friends and learned so much about maths that I didn’t even know existed!

Looking ahead, hopefully I will achieve my degree and then become a qualified maths teacher. I hope to be a teacher that pupils can look up to and come to for advice or guidance, even that which is unrelated to maths.

To anyone thinking of coming to study at Strathclyde I'd say...Definitely come to Strathclyde! The uni life is great - there are loads of places to grab something to eat, lots of social clubs, and the courses are all well designed.