Biomedical Engineering

The Centre of Excellence in Rehabilitation Research (CERR)

Our vision

We believe that by gathering research evidence and using innovation we can transform rehabilitation in Scotland and worldwide.

This transformation will lead to:

  • improved rehabilitation services for society
  • better health and well-being for the individuals who use the rehabilitation services
  • significant cost efficiency gains on current practice
  • opportunities for the Scottish business and service sectors to develop new products

We plan to make major and significant research contributions to the development of effective, sustainable and affordable future service provision. These will be built around the individuals and communities who use those services.

Our core values

The Association of Directors of Social Work's statement on integration says that “a better outcome for individuals should become a common ethos”. The priorities they recommend are:

  • early intervention
  • personalised care
  • power
  • choice and control for individuals
  • supporting empowering communities and carers
  • seamless pathways of care
  • equitable access
  • an evidence-based approach to best value and preventative spend

These principals will form our core values.

Our focus

To achieve this ambitious change in service delivery, the 10,500 allied health professionals working across NHS Scotland and local authorities’ social care services need considerable support.

We can give the support through audit, service redesign and professional leadership based on expert opinion.

The Centre of Excellence in Rehabilitation Research will focus on the research and innovation required to support key aspects of the change.