Freeze-drying facility

The freeze-drying facility is used to prepare wet samples for MIP and SEM.


Geomaterials and biomaterials generally contain liquid that needs to be removed prior to testing in the Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter (MIP) and the Scanning Electron Microscope.

The AMRL is therefore equipped with a freeze-drying facility aimed at removing liquid while preserving the porous structure. Freezing is achieved by immersion in liquid nitrogen at its critical point at -210°C.

Frozen samples are subsequently dried by sublimation using a freeze-drier Coolsafe 110-4 PRO with ultimate temperature of -110°C and vacuum to 0.001 mbar.

Access arrangements

We can freeze-dry your samples that are returned sealed under vacuum in a plastic bag. We are keen to tailor experimental procedures for your needs. Access can be provided to individual researchers who wish to freeze-dry samples on their own upon proper technical and health and safety training.