Centre for Precision Manufacturing

Industry Engagement

The Centre for Precision Manufacturing has engagement with worldwide industries and research communities (e.g. worked with more than 30 industry companies from 13 EU countries and currently working with more than 20 companies in various funded projects).

The Centre played a leading role in organising two industrial demonstrations at the Hannover Messe, Germany and three industrial training programmes in Europe (Berlin, Stuttgart and Hannover).

The members of staff of the Centre were interviewed by several high-profile EU and USA magazines, including USA's MICROmaufacturing Magazine, EC magazine “SME Update” and "Eureka" Magazine, as well as advisor to the International Commercial Micro-Manufacturing Magazine.

In addition to the transfer of knowledge/technology to industries through various funded projects, Strathclyde-led EU MASMICRO project generated

  • 135 publications,
  • 13 patents,
  • 4 spin-off companies and
  • 48 exploitable results

The industrial technologies and new facilities developed included

  • new laser systems for micro-material processing,
  • photo-electro-forming and LIGA techniques,
  • new surface-coating techniques,
  • micro-tooling techniques,
  • precision-handling devices (robotic system and filtering system),
  • micro-actuating materials and devices,
  • micro-sheet-forming machine,
  • micro-extrusion machine,
  • micro-hydroforming machine and micro/nano-cutting machine,
  • manufacturing execution system (software), etc.

18 industry participating companies have benefited from implementing the findings from the project

Members of the Industrial Advisory Group of the Centre include:

  • Mr. Barry Eggington, Tecan Limited, UK
  • Dr. Gonzalo G. Fuentes, AIN, Spain
  • Dr. Wolfang Hornig, BPE, Germany
  • Dr. Nikos Mekras, Anter Ltd, Greece
  • Mr. Andrew Cox, Contour Fine Tooling Ltd, UK
  • Dr. Ronan Le Letty, CEDRAT Technologies S.A., France
  • Dr. Hans Wilhelm, Latronics GmbH, Germany
  • Dr Frank Wardle, Ultra-Precision Motion Ltd, UK
  • Dr. Bernd Engers, ANGARIS GmbH 
  • Dr. Piero Larizza, MASMEC s.r.l. Italy
  • Dr. Rafa López, Robotnik Automation, S.L.L, Spain 
  • Mr. Bob Smith, Pascoe Engineering Ltd. UK
  • Prof. Paolo Matteazzi, MBN Nanomaterialia S.p.A, Italy
  • Dr. Jonny Dorner, AFT Automation & Feinwerktechnik GmbH, Germany
  • Dr. Sergio Durante, DIAD Group srl, Italy
  • Dr. Mogens Arentoft, Institute of Product Development, Denmark
  • Dr. Stefano longato, MicroLS Gmbh, Germany
  • Mr. Calderon Ivan, Sysmelec S.A., Switzerland
  • Dr. Jean-Luc Bazin, SWATCH Group, Switzerland
  • Dr. Matthias Meier, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
  • Mr. Colin Campbell, STMicroelectronics, UK
  • Mr. Richard Green, Spanoptics Ltd, UK
  • Mr. Kun-Min Huang, MIRDC, Taiwan