Design Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementAhmed Darwish Al Balushi

Ahmed arrived at Strathclyde to study an MSc in Supply Chain & Logistics Management. Find out more about his studies and his thoughts on life at Strathclyde.

Why did you choose to study at Department of Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management?

Aside from wishing to study at the University of Strathclyde, the main reason I chose DMEM was the unique variety between different disciplines within this department, where you can study the technical aspects of these disciplines alongside the art of management. This unique mixture is not available elsewhere and only qualified institutions, such as Strathclyde, can offer this.     

Why did you choose to study your course?

Currently, supply chain management is a very important subject, mainly due to globalisation of the supply chain. There is a need for qualified professionals to work in this field which requires obtaining different skills and qualifications in order to improve the efficiency of such organisations.

Personally speaking, with the technical background I have in this field, I was looking to improve my academic resume and study other aspects of supply chain management in order to understand the entire supply chain cycle.

In addition to some recommendations to study this course form my colleagues, I also found the content of this course very interesting and feel that all aspects of the supply chain cycle will be studied.

What have been the highlights of your course to date?

Apart from graduating later this year, the main highlights have been meeting different people from around the world with different perspectives and different ideas and sharing knowledge of this subject.  I have enriched my knowledge as well as formed new communication channels around the world.  

Have you overcome any challenges or obstacles in pursuit of your studies?

Studying the MSc degree in one year is challenging and managing time is the main obstacle, however with good time management and preparation this challenge can be easily overcome.

What are your ambitions following the completion of your course?

Improve my level of knowledge and enhance my academic profile were the main ambitions for me following successful completion of the course.  Obtaining my MSc is one of the main priorities in my life and very soon I will be able to tick it off my list and move forward to complete the other priorities.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to study at the department of Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Management?

Well, I would advise people who are looking to study a mixture of technical and soft skills in one place to come to DMEM and enjoy their time here. DMEM has brilliant teachers and staff, who care about their students and strive to help them gain maximum levels of knowledge and share their experiences in a very friendly study environment such as the postgraduate studio where you can have group meetings and discussions in world class facilities. 

Glasgow has its own characteristics.  Here, you can experience four seasons in one day.  Myself and my family have enjoyed staying in Glasgow and the people here are really very kind and helpful and we will never forget our time spent here.

The University of Strathclyde is located in a very convenient area in the centre of Glasgow. I was staying in the West End of Glasgow and it takes me only 7 minutes to arrive to the university by train to Queen Street Station or High Street Station, other frequent public transportation is available such as the subway and buses.