Design Manufacturing & Engineering ManagementRyan Logan

Why did you choose to study at the Department of Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Management?

I chose to study here because of the diverse range of projects and portfolio work from past students that I was introduced to at Open Days and undergraduate interviews. The standard of work which was displayed was admirable and an instant attraction to me as a young student with a keen interest in engineering.

The diversity of the department excited me more than others, particularly given the projects that were being completed.

The broad range of engineering disciplines within this department was a powerful motivation for me when choosing what to study at university, as I was unsure what area of work I wanted to go into.

Why did you choose to study your course?

I chose to study Product Design Engineering because of my interest in the harder engineering skills such as force analysis, mechanical reviews and materials assessment associated with this course.

I chose my course in particular as I believed it would give me a richer understanding of how to design products or systems to be functional and reliable.

This course is also accredited by very reputable engineering bodies such as the Institute of Engineering Designers and Institute of Mechanical Engineers, which was an attraction for me alongside the opportunity to become a member of these institutes.

What have been the highlights of your course to date?

The highlights of my course to date have been my two summer industrial placements I have been lucky enough to complete.

The summer between my third and fourth year I spent working with the Weir Advanced Research Centre based in the University of Strathclyde.

This placement allowed me to apply my skills and knowledge gained from my course to a real-life industrial project for a company which I admire.

The placement I am currently on has been the best experience of my life so far:  a summer work placement in San Francisco, California working for Zenflow, a start-up business in the medical technology sector.

It has been a life-long dream and ambition of mine to live and work in America and thanks to the Department of Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Management in conjunction with The Saltire Foundation, I have been able to realise this dream.

What are your ambitions following the completion of your course?

My ambition is to work towards Chartered Engineer status and further enhance my development as a professional engineer.

It is my goal to work in an engineering sector which enables me to apply my skills to projects which help to benefit the local and wider economy. I would love to look back on my career and know that I had been able to benefit other people and give back to the country which has given me the opportunity to be educated for free and achieve lifelong ambitions.

What advice would you give to someone considering coming to study at the department of Design, Manufacturing & Engineering Management and the University of Strathclyde?

There are fantastic opportunities to use some amazing manufacturing equipment throughout different projects in every year of your degree.

In addition to this, the department has a fantastic relationship with multiple industrial contacts in a variety of industry sectors. Therefore, if students are interested in getting industrial experience before the end of their degree then there are opportunities in abundance with this department.

If international experience is an ambition, the department are very helpful with semesters and work opportunities abroad. All lecturers and staff are extremely friendly and easy to contact if there are ever any issues with coursework or personal circumstances.