Continuing professional developmentAn Introduction to Metallurgy & Alloy Degradation

Aim, contents and benefits of attendance

This 3-day course will provide engineers of any relevant field with a fundamental introduction (or refresher) to applied industrial metallurgy and the degradation processes that are responsible for eventual in-service destruction of metals and alloys.

This course will enable attendees to develop a basic understanding of topics such as ‘Deformation Behaviour and Properties of Metals and Alloys’, ‘Metal Extraction’, ‘Characterisation Methods’, ‘Heat Treatments’, ‘Welding Engineering’, ‘Degradation Mechanisms (corrosion, erosion and corrosive wear)’ and ‘Prevention Strategies’.

Engineers who attend this course will gain knowledge and understanding of applied metallurgy (structure, properties, applications, etc.), develop skills in materials selection and processes used for physical property manipulation, understand the techniques used to protect metals and alloys from degradation, and build confidence in applying this knowledge across a range of industrial sectors.


2nd-4th September 2024


On campus at University of Strathclyde

Apart from face to face lectures, the course will include practical lab demonstrations of microstructural characterisation and mechanical property testing



Past knowledge/experience required

This is a basic, introductory course, commencing at an elementary level and gradually building the relevant knowledge and understanding, therefore no specialised prior experience is required.