Guidance for applicants costing for research facilites

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Guidance for PIs charging for facilities

There are some key points to note when including the cost of research facilities in your application for external research funding:

  • The cost of a facility should only be charged if the facility appears on the approved list (see pFACT drop-down list in Equipment/Facilities section).  If the facility you plan to include is not on the list, contact the fEC Accounting Manager.
  • When using the pFACT drop-down option, the facility will automatically be included as a Directly Incurred Cost and the current charge out rate per hour/day will be identified.  You only need to state the number of hours/days required for your project.
  • If you are applying to RCUK, Innovate UK or another UK Government Department that pays on the basis of fEC, please refer to the additional process notes (updated Feb 15): Research Facilities on RCUK Grants_Process Note_ Jul18
  • The Facility Manager will arrange for the charges to be made against the appropriate account as applicable to the funder.

For further information, please refer to the FAQs.