Undertaken Duties

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Undertaken Duties

An Undertaken Duty claim must be completed for the vast majority of adhoc work carried out on behalf of the University by non-staff members. For these cases, Eligibility to Work in the UK and HMRC regulations apply. This includes External Examiners and External Assessors on interview panels. Undertaken Duty claims will be paid monthly via the University Payroll.

If you would like training on how to use the on-line Supplementary Payments system for processing Undertaken Duties (UD) claims then please contact operationalsupporthr@strath.ac.uk for assistance.

There are a small number of exceptions to the general rule:

  • Work undertaken by a non UK national outwith the UK
    In this case the person is not liable to pay tax to HMRC and as the work was not in the UK there is no requirement to provide evidence of the individual’s Right to Work in the UK.
  • Permitted Paid Engagement by a Non EEA National
    In this case, the individual has no Right to Work in the UK but we wish to engage their expertise. The Home Office has put in place strict and limited types of activity such a person can undertake.  In summary these are: participating in a quality assurance process such as an examination panel; participating as a visiting paid lecturer at our invitation. However this latter activity must not constitute a core component of a course of study, which can only be delivered by an individual with the Right to Work in the UK. Please refer to the further guidance on Permitted Paid Engagements from the HR site (http://www.strath.ac.uk/hr/right2work/ or you could link directly to the document at the foot of the content on this page)

These exceptions will be processed as a Fee claim, on the Non Staff Fee Claim Form paid weekly via the Payments Team.