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Knowledge Hub Updates

13 JUNE 2016

FMS Updates – Presentation to Faculties/PS Jan – Apr 2016

Please see the presentation (FMS Updates 2016) which covered updates/points to note in various areas including:

  • Procurement Methods
  • Approval
  • Substitutes etc
  • Expenses & Advances
  • Suppliers
  • Requisitions, POs & Invoices
  • FMS Reporting
  • Managing Projects
  • Journals/Virements
  • Leavers process

15 FEBRUARY 2016

Purchase Cards

Purchase Card functionality is now fully live on FMS, with all historical data uploaded, and ongoing weekly uploads about to commence.  Many of you attended the initial training sessions, and we can see that a number of users across the University are now checking and approving transactions.  We will advise of further PCard training sessions shortly for those of you who could not attend the initial sessions.


In response to feedback, we have enhanced a number of FMS reports:

  • Expenses Enquiry  (within Your Reports).  You can now check whether your Expenses have been paid using the new link within this report.  Note that this report has been moved to a new ‘Expenses’ subfolder within ‘Your Reports’.
  • Expenses Enquiry - All  (within Standard Dept Reports).  A link has also been added to this report to allow you to check whether an Expense Claim has been paid within any Sub Projects to which you have access.
  • Budget Statements  (All versions).  Amended so that ‘Awaiting Approval’ and ‘Approved Amount’ are only displayed where there is an amount remaining, which we hope will simplify and improve the performance of the report.
  • Purchase Order Enquiry.  Includes a link to check whether an invoice has been paid against the order.  A guidance note on using the report is available on the FMS Training Portal Purchasing page.  To remove confusion where multiple GRNs relate to a single order, the GRN details have also been removed from the Purchase Order Enquiry.  A separate GRN/Invoice enquiry has been created (see below).
  • GRN/Invoice enquiry.  This new enquiry allows you to identify the GRN(s) relating to a Purchase Order, or the PO relating to a GRN.
  • A number of reports now include the ‘Posted Date’ (the date the transaction was recorded within FMS) as well as the ‘Transaction Date’ (the date the transaction took place, which might, for example, be the invoice date).
  • A number of reports have been created to allow departments to enquire on user access permissions.  The reports are listed on the Access - Reports section of the Knowledge Hub, along with guidance on how to use them.
  • A number of reports are available  to provide general information, such as lists of account codes, budget accounts and products.  These can be found within Your Reports / General Information. 

We have updated the FMS Reports web page to link to a list of the reports currently available within the FMS 'Reports' folder.  This list outlines the purpose of each report, who can access the reports and the information contained in each report.  The list will be added to and amended as we release additional reports and respond to requests for changes to existing reports.

We have also added a note on how Salary Costs are reported within FMS to the FMS Training Portal Managing Sub Projects page

We will continue to work on further reporting enhancements, with the following due for release shortly:

  • A ‘sundry supplier’ invoice enquiry, for invoices from suppliers who are not on the FMS supplier Masterfile.
  • A non-staff expenses enquiry.
  • A supplier invoice enquiry for those invoices where a purchase order is not appropriate.

New customers

Requesters will now receive an email notification when a new customer has been approved.

Goods receiving

We are finalising some additional and refreshed documentation around the goods receiving process, which we appreciate has proved challenging in certain areas and for certain types of transaction.  We will support the additional guidance with a number of training sessions, which will provide the opportunity for users to discuss any goods receiving queries face to face.

Alerts to Cost Centre Managers when Approvers leave

We will shortly be releasing new alerts to Cost Centre managers to identify when someone in an approval role (e.g. a Sub Project Manager, Project Manager or Supervisor) leaves the University.  These alerts will highlight to Cost Centre managers that action needs to be taken to arrange for a replacement to be set up, in order to ensure transactions do not workflow to a user account that is no longer in use.  The relevant Faculty / PS Accountant will contact Cost Centre Managers regarding any staff who have already left and where a replacement has not yet been identified.  Please note that if someone in an approval role is due to leave, you should notify Financial Systems of a replacement in advance.  Where replacements are not known in advance, please ensure the leaver activates a substitute, so that any tasks are redirected until a replacement is identified.

3rd  FEBRUARY 2016

Changes to the Purchase Order Enquiry:

Other New Reports:

  • Expenses Enquiry (Under 'Your Reports / Expenses' in the menu). Allows you to check if your own Expenses have been paid.
  • Expenses Enquiry - All ( Under 'Standard Reports' in the menu) – Allows you to check if Expenses has been paid against accounts you have access to.
  • All versions of the Budget Statements  - the  Awaiting Approval and Approved Amount columns now only show where the remaining amount is not zero.  (In previous versions the statements had included transactions where the remaining amount was zero (i.e. no longer Awaiting Approval) to allow users to identify the PO that a GRN related to. However, the separate GRN/Invoice enquiry is a better way of providing this information.

Access & Roles

  • A range of reports, together with guidance on how to use them, have been released. These can be found at the Access - Reports section of the Knowledge Hub.   

Request for New Customers

  • Requesters will now receive an email notification when a new customer has been approved.


Common System Tasks and Error Messages

Access Rights error

If the system displays the error message ‘Access rights - You are not authorised to use this function’, the message usually relates to your being timed out of the system after a period of inactivity.  Unfortunately although this is not the most obvious error message, we are unable to change it.

Costc: Value for field dim_1 = ‘NNNNN’ is fixed (where NNNNN is a cost centre number)

In this case the issue is that the cost centre for the sub project has been changed since the transaction was entered and therefore no longer matches what the system is expecting. If the above message is received user should either try to re-open the transaction and re-enter the sub project (which should then pick up the new cost centre and allow the user to proceed) or contact the Help Desk. The instances of this type of error should be reducing.

Funds Check Failed

Remember that a ‘funds check failed’ alert does not mean a transaction cannot be processed.  If a transaction is urgent, the user can continue with the transaction, then separately investigate and resolve the funds check failure.

Order not sent to Supplier

If the Delivery Date on a requisition is set more than 100 days in the future then the Purchase Order (when it is created) may not be sent to the Supplier. The FMS System does not utilise Delivery Date so there is no system-related reason for changing it from the default of the current date.  

‘Web page cannot be found’ / ‘Bad Request’ error message when accessing FMS

If you are experiencing issues accessing FMS in either Internet Explorer (‘Web page cannot be found’) or Firefox (‘Bad Request - Request Too Long’) or any other browser please refer to the section on Browsers.

FMS Hints and Tips

We have been reviewing the feedback and queries raised about FMS, and provide below some additional pointers to help you use the system.  

Change to Cost Centres

A number of departments have requested or required changes to the Cost Centres associated with Sub Projects and Projects.  As those involved will be aware, there is some complexity in making these changes, not just within FMS but also within other University systems (e.g. Payroll, SUnBIRD, ATA).  As a result, we are asking that if any other Departments require changes to Cost Centres associated with Sub Projects and Projects, these requests be made by Friday 25 September.  We will then make all further changes simultaneously to help effect the changes as smoothly as possible. Thereafter, such Cost Centre changes will only be made at the beginning of each financial year (in line with the timescales for changes to the Organisation Hierarchy), unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Staff absence: Substitutes

Please remember that when staff are going on holiday – in particular if they have an approval role – they need to ensure they allocate a Substitute for the period of their absence.  If you find someone is absent and they have not set a substitute, this can be done by emailing the Finance Systems team at .

Research and Consultancy Invoices

Note that departments should not raise Sales Invoices/Orders for Research, Consultancy or Knowledge Transfer Specific Grants.  These invoices continue to be managed from the Research Contracts team within Finance, to ensure we comply with funder conditions around claim timing and content.

Activity Codes

Where necessary, please ensure you select the appropriate Activity within the GL Analysis code.  If you select an incorrect activity for KE, you should receive a Funds Check warning.

Month End on FMS

At the start of each new month, the period in FMS will change.  Note that transactions will be posted into the period in which they are approved.  For example, if you have transactions which were raised in August but which have not yet been fully approved or posted, these will appear in September, once approved.  For many users, this will not have any impact, other than at the year end.