HumanitiesCentre for Education & Social Policy

What we do

The Centre for Education and Social Policy builds capacity for school reform by conducting research that identifies what matters in particular implementation contexts and policy frameworks.

The Centre is particularly focused on how to create a more equitable society by changing the educational and social policy mechanisms that perpetuate educational inequality and its links to social disadvantage.

It has particular expertise in forming partnerships between academics and professionals to address key issues in practice.  The evidence from this work is used to inform and challenge policy makers and to better-understand how academic, professional and policy knowledge shape outcomes.

The Centre is led by Alastair Wilson and brings together the expertise of academics and staff members in The Strathclyde Institute of Education and the work of Winning Scotland, which develops a professional understanding of Growth Mindset in all areas of learning.


Unique expertise in the area of children and young people

The University has unique and unparalleled expertise in the area of children and young people. We are home to: the Scottish Government-funded Centre for Excellence for Looked-After Children (CELCIS) whose international activity includes working with the United Nations; the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice (CYCJ) and the National Centre for Autism Studies. Strathclyde hosts Scotland’s largest and oldest School of Education, which can trace its origins to 1837 and Europe’s first purpose-built teacher training institution.