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New funding for ‘Politics of Science in International Climate Cooperation’ project

Dr Patrick Bayer has been awarded a major half a million-pound ESRC grant to study the “Politics of Science in International Climate Cooperation”.

Together with Hannah Hughes from Cardiff University and Erlend Hermansen from CICERO in Oslo, the project will study how, when, and with what effect governments may attempt to shape the production and uptake of IPCC climate reports. While much anecdotal evidence of such influence exists, we lack systematic knowledge.

Drawing on a wide range of methods, including statistical modelling and cutting-edge text-as-data methods as well as participant observation and elite interviews, the project will analyse nomination, approval, and uptake processes of the newest IPCC Assessment Report 6. CICERO in Norway, PIK in Germany, and the Tyndall Centre in the UK will be involved in the dissemination of project findings.