Confucius Institute for Scotlands Schools CISS Scholarship

The CISS Scholarship is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Each year, we facilitate scholarships for school leavers in China. Scholars will study for 9 months in China. 

The highly competitive scholarship is open to applicants from 6th year pupils in Confucius Classroom Hubs. Applicants must be from a local authority with a Confucius Classroom Hub. The CISS Scholarship includes tuition fees, shared accommodation costs and monthly food allowance for the academic year. CISS also covers the cost of one HSK test fee.

How to apply

The scholarship programme with resume in 2024. Please keep an eye out for details on how to apply and get in touch with CISS if you have any questions.

Watch this video to hear about the experience from some of our previous scholars.

For a scholarship opportunity external to CISS please see below.

Opportunities external to CISS

British Council

Through Generation UK, the British Council have opened up a range of opportunities in China, giving you the chance to experience this unique country while gaining valuable skills for the future.

Find out more about studying, working and creating in China with the British Council.

Centre for Language Education and Cooperation

The Confucius Institute Headquarters in China offers a 1 year academic scholarship to young people over the age of 18. Applications for this scholarship are made directly with the Confucius Institute HQ in China. Anyone submitting an application for a CI HQ scholarship must be recommended by a Confucius Institute in their home country. This scholarship is very different from the scholarship CISS facilitates. The only involvement from CISS would be as the supporting Confucius Institute at the application stage. We would have no input into the selection process, the content of the teaching, or where the young person studies. There would be no pastoral support from CISS and youngsters are expected to engage with their chosen university’s international department by themselves. As you know, the global Covid-19 pandemic is still having an impact on international travel, so there can be no guarantee at this point that study in China will be possible. In order to apply for a CI HQ scholarship through CISS, applicants must currently be in 6th year in a local authority with a Confuicus Classroom hub. Applicants must be 18 years old and hold HSK 3.

Find out more about studying in China with the Centre for Language Cooperation and Education