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Arletta Gorecka

Arletta graduated from the University of Stirling in June 2019 with the First Class LL.B. (Hons) and is currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Strathclyde. Arletta has worked at various law firms in Scotland and actively supported international, law, doctoral students. She also acts as a freelance interpreter and provided support for the Vis Moot. She also assists in the delivery of undergraduate modules.

Arletta’s research interest includes privacy, digital economy, data protection, goals and enforcement of competition law, and Big Data. Arletta’s thesis focuses on the impact of privacy and Big Data on the EU competition law goals. It also considers the enforcement of competition law in the Big Data issues and attempts to identify workable and predicable intervention benchmarks and scope of remedies.

Twitter: arletta.gorecka

LinkedIn: Arletta Gorecka

email: arletta.gorecka@strath.ac.uk

Meryem Horasan

Meryem Horasan is a Ph.D. student at the University of Strathclyde. Meryem completed her LL.B. degree at Marmara University, Istanbul in 2006. She has been a member of Istanbul Bar Association since 2008 and practised as a lawyer for 4 years including a 1 year internship in Istanbul. Meryem then went on to obtain her LL.M. degree from the University of Nottingham in International Commercial Law in 2013.

Her primary research interests are intellectual property law in general, the intersection between intellectual property and internet law and intermediary liability on the internet. Additionally, she is interested in the relationship between intellectual property and private international law, potential issues of private international law on the internet, in particular jurisdiction and choice of law questions arising from intellectual property cases that involve internet.

Meryem’s PhD research focuses on the secondary liability of online intermediaries for infringement of intellectual property rights as well as questions of jurisdiction and choice of law arising from intellectual property rights and their exploitation over the internet; which court has jurisdiction and which is the applicable law in cases related to infringement of intellectual property rights on the internet.

E-mail: meryem.horasan@strath.ac.uk 

Cheewin Mallikamarl Laura Martin

Laura Martin graduated from the University of Strathclyde in May 2017 with a First Class LLB (Hons) and is currently undertaking her PhD at Strathclyde. She has worked for various Glasgow based solicitors and is actively involved in local politics. Laura also teaches Intellectual Property on the DL LLM programme and assists in the delivery of undergrad modules. She is also University Ambassador for the Society for Computers and Law.

Her research interests include data protection, privacy, surveillance, the implementation of technology in workplaces, artificial intelligence, wearable technology and intellectual property. Her PhD thesis is primarily focused on data protection and privacy in working environments. Laura intends to conduct research into the surveillance of workers in smart workplaces and the gig economy. She is also interested in the relationship between privacy of workers and labour law.

Twitter: lauramartin_95

LinkedIn: Laura Martin

Email: laura.martin.101@strath.ac.uk

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