Centre for Law, Crime & Justice and Strathclyde Law School in collaboration with University of Strathclyde Mediation Clinic

“Disarmed by Empathy”: What Role Can Empathy Play in the Aftermath of Violence?

Monday 12th November 2018, 6-7.45pm, Strathclyde University

To Book Your Place: https://disarmedbyempathy.eventbrite.co.uk

Chair / Discussant: Tim Chapman, Chair of the European Forum for Restorative Justice

Jo Berry, Building Bridges for Peace

Laurel Farrington, Mediator  

  • Does empathy have a place when faced with terrible acts and grievous wrongs? 
  • What are its limitations?
  • How does empathy operate in everyday conflict?

In 1994 Jo Berry’s father, Sir Anthony Berry MP, was killed when the IRA detonated a bomb at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton.  16 years later Jo met the man who planted the bomb, Patrick Magee, following his release from prison.  That conversation had a profound impact on both: ‘Disarmed by Empathy’ was the phrase Patrick used about their encounter. In 2009 they founded Building Bridges for Peace, to enable divided communities and the general public to explore and better understand the roots of war, terrorism and violence. 

In this powerful and thought-provoking evening, Jo Berry (now a Restorative Justice Practitioner) will explain her work and the role of empathy, which will be further explained and examined by mediator and empathy researcher Laurel Farrington.  The event will be chaired by Tim Chapman, one of Northern Ireland’s leading practitioners and thinkers in Restorative Justice.