Norrie and McDiarmid contribute articles to the Juridical Review

Two professors from Strathclyde Law School have each contributed an article to Issue 1 of this year’s Juridical Review.

Professor Kenneth Norrie’s article is entitled "Paternity, DNA Testing and the Children's Hearing: A Critical Examination of JS, Appellant 2021 S.L.T. (Sh Ct) 116". It considers the recent sheriff court case mentioned in its title where a question of paternity emerged, and offers an alternative approach to the one adopted by the sheriff.

Professor Claire McDiarmid’s contribution is called "Between Accidental Killing and Murder: Culpable homicide". This offers analysis of the Scots law crime of culpable homicide (i.e. the crime that sits between non-criminal killing and murder), drawing on her work for the Scottish Law Commission.

The Juridical Review is the law journal of the Scottish universities, edited by Professor Jane Mair of the University of Glasgow. Professor McDiarmid acts as Assistant Editor, and Malcolm Combe (also of Strathclyde Law School) is the editor of the Case and Comment section. Further information about the journal can be found on the publisher W. Green’s website.