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NewsStrathclyde Education academic chairs annual EdTech conference

Tracy Atkinson, Teaching Fellow in Digital Education within the School of Education, chaired FutureScot's annual EdTech (Scotland) Conference on Friday 14th November at the Technology & Innovation Centre.

Discussion centred on innovative new approaches to teaching and learning in higher education, founded on strengthening strategic partnership between higher education and industry, aligning ever closer with national and local government socio-economic policy, and moving towards inter-disciplinary learning models. Facilitating the pooling of skills and talent from different subject areas to produce new insights. Delegates also considered the potential of 5G to fundamentally change life on campus and how digital universities will change the way we teach and learn.

Among the speakers in attendance were Professor Kalevi Ekman - Professor of Integrated Product Development and Machine Design at Aalto University, Helsinki (shown left) - and Jarmo Eskelinen - Executive Director of Edinburgh University's Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Initiative (shown right). 

The event also raised pertinent issues around the impact of digital technologies and innovative practices for future of teaching and learning in higher education, and how we best meet the needs of Industry 4.0.