Volunteer for research studies

Who are we interested in hearing from?

  1. People are who are stroke survivors with:
    • Hemiparesis of the upper arm or hand
    • Hemiparesis of the leg/foot
    • Cognitive or memory issues as a result of stroke
    • Speech and language problems resulting from stroke (e.g. Aphasia)
    • Or dementia
  2. Caregivers
  3. Health care practitioners
  4. Charities
  5. Healthy older adults who may have parents that have had a stroke or wish to volunteer as a healthy age - matched controls in an experiment for stroke survivors

If you get in touch, we can let you know which studies are available for participation and you can choose to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to participate. You are not obligated to participate in any study but can pick and choose as you wish.

If you are interested in volunteering for a research study, please get in touch (email: lesleyanne.rollins@strath.ac.uk).

We rely on volunteers for our research studies and many of the projects we run would not be possible without your assistance.