Healthy Villages

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Village discussion group The SCHI undertakes intensive community engagement with full participation of the health and other government extension workers in the Mfera area. The current catchment for the project is 18 villages, which vary in population from 50 to 1500. These are all located around the Mfera Health Facility. 
To establish the priorities and needs of these communities with regard to the determinants of health, the SCHI team conducted extensive information gathering with all communities within the villages (Figure 1). Each village had 6 communities who provided information representing: leaders, men, women, elderly/marginalised, male youth and female youth. This information was collated and analysed to form the village profiles, which can be accessed through the links on the right.


Figure 1: Data which was collected and formed the basis of village profiles

To ensure that Village Profiles were representative of all members of the village, the profile content was shared with the village at large, and further inputs provided the basis of the final profiles outlined here.
Each of the 6 communities in a village identified representatives to facilitate their discussions (specific community action plans) and represent them within the wider Village Action Group for the finalisation of Village Action Plans (available in village links on the right). These action plans used the profiles as a basis for discussion. This process is outlined in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Process of Village Profile to Village Action Plan

Village action plans are under constant review and update by the Village Action Groups and those linked here represent the initial plans developed.