Kalonga Village

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The community falls under the care the Chief Kalonga and the health surveillance assistant, Phylis Navitcha.

Essential Statistics:

  • Population of 470 people living in 98 households.
  • 68% household coverage for latrines.
  • Kalonga is serviced by 1 borehole and 1 gravity fed tap located within the village.
  • Kalonga is located 500 metres off the main East Bank Road at the base of the Thyolo escarpment.
  • Distance to the nearest health facility is approximately 2.5kms.
  • Committees represented in the community include: DAPP women’s group, Forestry and Nursery committees, ASCAR, Village Health Committee, Water Point Committees (borehole and tap).
  • Transport in the village is limited to bicycles Refer to the village profile for full details.

Refer to the Kalonga Village Profile for full details.

Kalonga village chief 

Kalonga Village chief.