Khumbulani Village

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Khumbulani village, showing two people at a tap.

Khumbulani village is located about 200 metres to the road that goes to Thabwa and East Bank.

The village is serviced by a Health Surveillance Assistant (HSA) by the name of Godfrey Tcheleni who resides in the neighbouring village. The village is also serviced by Mfera Health Centre.

Essential Statistics:

  • Population of 1419 people livingin 141 households
  • 69% household coverage for latrines
  • Community is serviced by 1 gravity fed tap located within the village.
  • Committees represented in the community include: DAPP committee, ELDS Committee, Village Health Committee, Water point Committee, Forest committee, Village banks.

Refer to the Khumbulani Village profile for full details. 

Khumbulani village scene