Mwazika Village

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Mwazika village scene Mwazika Village, on the East Bank of the Shire River in Chikhwawa District, is a small community located at the foothills of the Thyolo escarpment.

Essential statisitcs:

  • Population of 220 people living in 52 households
  • 67% household coverage for latrines
  • Community is serviced by 1 borehole and 1 gravity fed tap located within the village with poor drainage. A broken main pipe for the gravity fed system is forming a large pond in the village.
  • Community is located just off the main East Bank Road at the base of the Thyolo escarpment.
  • Distance to the nearest health facility is approximately 2 kms.
  • Committees represented in the community include: Village Health Committee, two Water Point Committees, Forestry Committee, and the Imodzi Village Bank.

Refer to the Mwazika Village Profile for full details.

Mwadzika village scene